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By Mike Denison, January 27, 2010 12:31 am

Success is in the Mind

What is Success?

Everyone wants success in once form or another, the problem is - what is success for one person is not deemed as success for another.
You have to know yourself, who you are and what you really want to know what success is for you

Bob Proctor uses an great quote from Earl Nightingale that really does sum up Success

Isn’t that a great quote?
Moving ever forwards in unveiling something that is highly important and of value to you. It’s not the end goal, and it’s not just the journey but a combination of both
So, What is success for you?
Do you know?
Do you know how to find out?
It might not be what you think
If you don’t then we can help you discover what your success would look like, you will know, because you will feel in flow with life and your activities, you will be enjoying what you do because it is part of that success journey
In fact, understanding success and helping others find their success is what Bob Proctor does best, if you want to get started on your journey to success, then take a look at Bob’s great value Six Minutes To Success Daily Booster. We all need a daily dose of mind food, to keep us focused and positively orientated
Six Minutes Can Change Your Life! Find Out How.
Let me ask you something…
If you were just one step away from reaching your goal of flooding your life with wealth and happiness, would you take that step?
How do you know, right now, that you’re not?
What a shame it would be to stop making the effort towards your success, when just a little bit more would make it all worthwhile.
What a shame it would be to have taken all those steps, with all that learning, only to miss this very last one.
This next step you take may very well be the one that makes all the others count.
You owe it to yourself, and the efforts you’ve made, to take this step.
Its simple… go here and read the entire letter from top to bottom. I can promise you - you’ll be a changed person for the better. And best of all you can sign up for Free and get started right away
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