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By Mike Denison, July 30, 2009 2:04 pm

We focus on providing specialist business coaching to small business owners - those people mostly going it alone without the high level of support and structure that often comes with big business.

We coach the business owner, the business itself or anyone on the team, depending on what will have the greatest impact in growing, developing and promoting your business, yourself and your team.

Many business owners and managers find that they are so consumed by the day-to-day running of the business that they have no time left to ’step back’ and look at ‘the bigger picture’, and work on the business, towards achieving their ultimate business vision, and balance their personal desires with the work. They don’t have time for formal business or management training and may not have the required personal and communication skills to deal effectively with their staff or their customers.

We work with you on those areas in your business that need development and attention so that you can see how to make your business grow, providing you with ‘just in time’ strategies, improvement techniques, tactics and tools to steer and develop your business, in the right direction.

Freedom Business Coaching

Freedom Business Coaching

Take a look at our Freedom Business Coaching tools and programs, everyone has success within them. Our job is to help you get it out.

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