Executive Coaching

By Mike Denison, July 30, 2009 2:04 pm

This area of coaching is designed for everyone who has a responsibility for making their organisation a more successful, productive and positive place for people to perform to their true potential. Whatever business you’re in, we’ll help you create a more effective and profitable working environment

Are you an Executive, Manager or Leader that needs to top up those skills to take the business forwards?

Is your company really getting the best out of what it’s got? Are you losing your strongest players to other companies? Are your people your greatest asset? Are you equipped for the changes and challenges of modern business? Do you feel overloaded, under motivated and lacking some of those special people skills?

Cleareality can help you to:

• Manage company and organisational change programmes
• Establish confidence and effective leadership
• Communicate effectively and with integrity
• Create charismatic and inspirational leadership traits
• Motivate and empower your people to want to go the extra mile
• Develop strategic thinking and plans
• Manage your time more effectively
• Manage your projects more effectively
• Build personal confidence and assertiveness
• Manage change programmes
• Build teams that are more motivated and productive
• Manage work-life balance to be more effective

According to the Health & Safety Executive an estimated 35 million working days were lost due to work-related illness between 2002 and 2004.

Stress continues to be the single biggest cause of work-related illness, forcing employers to take a long hard look at their corporate wellness programmes in order to ensure that their workforce is both happy and productive.

At Cleareality we recognise the need to support employers in this area, offering organisations and employees advice on all aspects of work-life balance, career and lifestyle management.

Executive coaching is a collaborative, individualised relationship between an executive and their coach, a relationship that is designed to bring out the best in that leaders performance which in turn will impact directly on the business’ outputs in profit, motivation, creativity, growth or asset utilisation
The aims of coaching are to help the executive find their own solutions and expand their capacity and resources to take effective action, create lasting new habits in areas that need them and so reshape the executive’s working and personal life.

Whether initiated by you, or supported by your employer, executive coaching is usually focused on one of the following areas:

  • Coaching for skills - maybe for example presentation, communication or negotiation skills.
  • Coaching for performance - focusing on your effectiveness in a present role - for example, to establish a people development program to improve productivity, reduce burnout and increase staff satisfaction - including the executive’s.
  • Coaching for change or development - which focuses on an executive’s new or future career - for example - becoming a first time Manager, Director, Managing Director, General Manager. Partner, Board Member, Chief Executive Officer.
  • Coaching for the executive’s agenda - focusing on the executive’s larger work - for example, being an effective leader, developing the organisation’s culture.

An executive coaching series may also include Behavioural Analysis, Motivational Analysis, Personality Profiling, or a 360° feedback process for the executive, the team or the Board and a number of other tools and assessments may be drawn upon, as required.

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