By Mike Denison, July 30, 2009 2:36 pm

Below are some examples of the feedback we receive from our clients:

I want to thank you for your amazing ability to lock into a person’s psyche.
You have such an individual gift for helping and motivating people (I can only speak for myself but I know you do this for others). After our session today You calmed my madness, made me focus and not only on that, but gave me personalized strategies that I can work with to move forward.
What I have realized after only two sessions with you is that our underlying insecurities and self esteem levels affect all areas of our lives, so by applying the strategies that you personalize for each individual, this benefits, not only business development but personal life in every area.
I met you after hearing you speak at an event and you inspired me intellectually, emotionally and personally. You have gained my respect and my success will be, yes, down to me, but the path that is laid out is down to your intuitive understanding of a person and where their barriers are, that stop them from achieving their full potential.
I am so enjoying the inspiration that you give me, but also the down to earth common sense that prevails at each session. When I have achieved my goals that I am capable of I will attribute it to myself and a very close second…. Mike, Thank You.
I look forward to seeing you in two weeks. (please bottle what you do and we can be both millionaires!!!)
Kind Regards
Julie, Business Owner
PS Your new name should Be : Clear Reality – because you make real life and dreams achievable!! Thank you x

A Year ago, my business consisted of 3 employees and was going nowhere.
Custom was almost non-existent and we were at an all time low.
Fortunately me, I met Mike who inspired me to look into myself and concentrate on the goals we had and what was required to meet those goals.
As a result of Mike’s coaching, we persisted in our aim to succeed. Now we are 8 strong and thriving at a time when the story for most is very different.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mike to anyone who needs direction in their company
Thanks Mike
Kim Barnes MD REDES

Mike has a deep sincerity that is extremely rare. The trust that this enables is probably the reason why Mike has been able to help me so extensively to develop both personally and professionally. Over the last 5 years Mike helped me to unlock masses of potential from within myself. He has helped me to remove any self doubt, plus he has helped me to understand my own personal drivers so that I can help myself to take control of life improve it! Two summary words: Inspirational, Genuine.
Lorne Walters Director

You are a truly inspiring and beautiful soul Thanks Harinder Paul

When I first made an appointment to see you it was with some scepticism as I have never previously attended a personal coaching session. As an Independent Financial Adviser with over 14 years experience I have attended many sales and business development courses and honestly felt there was little I did not know about myself.
How wrong can a person be?
As a result of our regular monthly meetings I have discovered that some things that occupy the majority of my thinking space actually should occupy the least. And by having a clear focus on what I really want to achieve makes setting and achieving personal goals so much easier.
The last twelve months of my domestic and business life have been the most successful I have experienced, which I do not believe is coincidental.
Many, many thanks, Adam, Consultant

I felt stuck, like I wasn’t having fun in my life anymore and everything was very intense and never ending. Mike’s supportive style of coaching enabled me to feel able to identify and acknowledge barriers that were happening in my life. He helped me explore what success really means to me and different ways to think and act. I would highly recommend Mike as a Life Coach
Rachel – Chester

Mike helped me to see things more clearly, helped me identify the barriers preventing me making progrss in my life. I realised that many of the things I was doing were good and positive, I just couldn’t see it. Mike encouraged me to take small risks which improved my confidence and find the courage to make changes in my life that I needed to take. I consider the coaching to be good value.
Celia – Chester

I was very pleased with the professional, competent service which provided the support and structure I needed to help me move forward in so many areas of my life. I found confidence and beliefs that I could move forward on, it was excellent value for money
Paul – Wocester

Exceeded my expectations! The real strength of Mike’s coaching is that he makes you provide the answers to your problems yourself. Mike showed me how to stop the rot and build my inner belief just by understanding myself better, my self belief has grown during the last year
Alan – Derby

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