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By Mike Denison, July 17, 2009 4:49 pm

take-controlFor businesses research shows there’s a much improved increase in applied performance. Further evidence also shows that with training alone, performance improves by about 22%; with training and coaching the increase in performance is more like 80%.

Coaching also enables individuals to lead much more fulfilling lives at home and at work - maximising potential that clients usually don’t realise exists.

The specific benefits of our Coaching services are as follows:

  • The benefits of Personal / Life Coaching
  • The benefits of Business Coaching
  • The benefits of Executive Coaching

You can also read the testimonials of some of our clients:

The benefits of Personal / Life Coaching

  • Clarify what you really want from life - your purpose and vision
  • More inspiring and effective goals, strategies and actions
  • Having someone to keep you focused, to challenge you and ask you the ‘tough questions’, keep you accountable and hold you to your commitments
  • Someone to guide and support you on your journey of transformation
  • Someone to challenge you to be your best
  • Someone to honour and ensure you celebrate your achievements
  • A more purposeful and satisfying life
  • Ways to manage your life going forward - You now have the right questions to ask yourself

The benefits of Business Coaching

  • A flexible forum in which you can address a wide range of issues in response to your particular needs, coaching is an individualised, tailored service
  • Having someone to keep you focused and on track and hold you to your commitments
  • A business confidante that can be called upon, especially at critical times
  • Clarifying what you really want from your business - your purpose and vision
  • Setting more inspiring and effective goals
  • Increased productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Having a sounding board for your ideas, plans and strategies
    Improved work / life balance

The benefits of Executive Coaching

Your agenda and timeframe, your solutions, your awareness, your success A personal confidante that holds your trust, to be able to explore your weaknesses, confidence and ideas without risk of exposure or consequence to your team and organisation. Significant performance improvements in terms of relationships, communications, leadership and personal effectiveness. Improved personal accountability and motivation towards your goals and objectives. Challenging you to take more action than you might otherwise. Improved Health & Safety, Service Quality, Productivity and Profitability. Higher performing teams and groups leading to increased organisational capability. Greater employee commitment, motivation and morale. Culture of continuous improvement through more creative ideas and action delivery. Increased staff retention and individual capability following promotion.

Does coaching really deliver benefits?

Ask anyone or any business who has experienced coaching and they will tell you that it has changed their life or significantly improved their business capability that it has brought them personal satisfaction and success. A deep sense of achievement and that they feel energised to move forward in a positive and purposeful way. The benefits of coaching are often such a personal thing, improved feelings, emotions and confidence in situations, self esteem is raised, greater motivation to take action, less fear and a sense of personal understanding are all things that can be measured, and people who have used coaching have no doubt of its value.
Measurable benefits within a business context are especially important and outcomes such as improved personal productivity, more effective teamwork, meeting outcomes, action conversion rates as well as improved customer relationships and individual confidence in business and marketing are typical of the type of measurable benefits of coaching
A great coach will help you to ensure your goals, values and beliefs are aligned, overcoming any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back, developing more confidence in the decisions and choices you make that lead you towards your goals. You will feel much more in control of your life and through a greater awareness of what is really important to you; you will be better able to focus on getting what you want from life. Coaching is a holistic process and improvements in one area naturally have an effect on other areas of someone’s life, relationships at home and work will improve, your overall performance will improve, you will probably have more energy and motivation to take on more challenging activities. Considering the value of such personal change and internal realisations many have called it priceless.

How long would someone see a coach for?

Usually a coaching relationship lasts between 4 & 12 sessions, but clients will realise the benefits right from the first session. The coaching relationship can of course last as long as the client wants it to.

What can coaching do for me that I can’t do for myself?

You’d love to change things, break the cycle, start living the life you dreamed of living, but you don’t have the time, space, finances or confidence to even think about where to start! You may be very satisfied with your life and very capable of making changes on your own, but you need a boost to accelerate a plan. There are always areas where we can improve ourselves, areas in our life that we don’t want to go there because of previous experiences or what we think might happen. We all have our own comfort zones where life works for us, we think.
You stay in your job even though you’re bored, unchallenged and frustrated because it pays the bills, you don’t apply for promotion because you don’t think you’re good enough, you work through your breaks to get work done because you’re afraid of what might happen if you say no. The downside of a comfort zone is that you can find yourself simply existing rather than actually living your life. You push all your dreams and ideas to the back of your mind as you spend all your time and energy trying to juggle the numerous responsibilities and obligations of your busy life. This is where a coach can help, by providing you with a confidential environment, great listening skills, the right questions at the right time and an unshakeable belief in your ability to achieve your goals, your coach will help you to step outside of your comfort zone into a fulfilled and satisfying life.

What can coaching do for me that I can’t get from my family or friends?

Coaches provide a non-judgemental, unbiased and totally confidential environment where the focus is completely on you. Friends and neighbours will be trying to help you and may have lots of suggestions on what you should do; their ideas and approach to your problems will be from their perspective of the world which is probably very different to yours. This may even limit your own aspirations or cause you to doubt yourself and your own opinions. Only you know the real you, your life, your experiences and your challenges are not the same as your friends or family.
The coach has no agenda for you, they simply believe in you and your potential. A coach will not tell you what you should do, the approach is non-directive, you are the expert on you, but some of your knowledge might be hidden, the coach will encourage you to dig deeper into your self to discover those hidden depths, to become more aware of how you work. They will give you the opportunity to be completely open and honest about how you think, feel and experience life.

I don’t think I have a problem & I’m not unhappy with my life, can coaching still help?

Coaching is for people who want more in any area of their life not just for people who are unhappy with their lives. Having a life coach helps you to keep moving forward and live life to its full potential. Most coaches have their own life coach for this very reason to keep them challenged, motivated and moving forward, especially in their Continuous Professional Development.

I don’t have a specific goal can I still be coached?

Yes! Most people do not have a clear idea about what they really want from their lives. Therefore the first few sessions of life coaching can help to establish what is really important to you and what you want for your future, your dreams, your aspirations and what you want to feel fulfilled and happy. A goal can sometimes emerge during therapy or counselling. Although a coach may understand how your past has created your current situation, the coaching session is focused on where you are now and where you want to get to in the future. A coach doesn’t offer any solutions for the client. Coaches believe that clients possess all the necessary resources to do, be and have anything they want in life. A coach’s purpose is enabling the client to uncover all their hidden abilities and motivations so they are empowered to take positive actions towards achieving their goals.

How does coaching differ from mentoring?

A mentor will generally guide and teach someone in a specific task or job. The mentor will draw significantly on their own experience; will pass on short cuts and tricks of the trade to guide their student to a specified result. The mentor will be expected to know the answers to a task-related situation. A coach works with you so that you discover the questions and the answers for yourself, not just for a particular task, but also for all your life situations.

What are the qualities of a great coach?

A great coach believes in the amazing abilities that people have and seeks to draw those out of their clients. A great coach is a supporter and enabler of people’s dreams. A great coach knows how to listen and ask just the right questions, when to challenge and when to support. A great coach puts aside all judgements and lets their clients start with a fresh sheet of paper to design their life. You will know you have a great coach when you feel completely listened to for the first time, you will probably feel you have known them for much longer than you have, you will feel believed in, cared for and that they seem to really understand you. A great coach will help you get results quickly!

How is coaching conducted?

Coaching can be carried out face to face or via the telephone, dependent of the client’s personal requirements. One to one coaching can be carried out in a client’s workplace, or at home or in a mutually convenient place to suit both the client and coach, the only stipulation is that it should be in a location where there are no interruptions so that the focused session is undisturbed. Telephone coaching can have many advantages of being deliverable irrespective of the client’s location In the busy world in which we live, it can also save you time and travel and can be arranged to suit your timetable which means you can be coached anywhere at any time. The client contacts the coach on specific dates/times agreed previously between client and coach. The client is required to commit to the agreed session times and complete assignments in taking action and reflect on the learning outside of the session times to move themselves forward. Cleareality has some flexibility in accommodating individual and business needs, coaching dates and times can usually be arranged to suit the client

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching costs vary depending on many things. Cleareality Coaching Investments are arranged specifically with the client. Business, Personal & Executive Success Coaching all requires slightly different approaches and therefore the client’s investment in coaching can be different.
The coaching timetable and the cost of coaching is customised to each client depending on their individual requirements in respect of their budget, the number of sessions they would like, the frequency and length of these sessions, the location for one to one coaching and the support level desired between sessions etc
Coaching investments with Cleareality can cost from as little as £349.00- for our basic programme which includes a commitment of four 50 minute sessions, plus additional support (please call us for details)
In many cases you will get more than 50 minutes. I aim to ensure you leave the session with a clear way forward
Call Cleareality to discuss your own personal requirements - You will be assured of the value and the return on your investment in coaching.
From there it is really down to what value you place on the issue that you feel you would like coaching on and how much it is affecting your life.
Cleareality Coaching Investments are always arranged specifically with the client or business.

Cleareality will often arrange complimentary consultations for the first engagement to help the client familiarise themselves with coaching, to understand how it works and if it is suitable for their circumstances Call Cleareality to find out if you qualify for a complimentary coaching session and see for yourself how coaching really does create personal change

What if the coaching doesn’t work for me?

We at Cleareality have absolute faith and confidence that coaching is powerful and will change your life - So confident that we offer a full 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the coaching you have received.

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